Sightes Focus Points

xD VR for infra and urban planning

xD VR for customer marketing

xD VR for education and health

xD VR has many applications in geo-design, involving multiple stakeholders in the design of public space. Other fields, closely related to geo-design are the planning of infrastructure and the creation of future urban systems. In this particular market, Sightes has teamed up with Geodan, a GIS company based in Amsterdam. 


xD VR has many applications in customer marketing, making shops, leisure and travel destinations ready to be experienced right in peoples homes. It will not be long before customers will consider it a natural habit to go out shopping or to discover new places, using virtual reality as an interactive and immersive facilitator. 


xD VR has many applications in education, healthcare and (re-)integration, especially if developing skills, exploring possibilities and experiencing different settings are part of the learning program. In this particular market, Sightes has teamed up with Thinksharp, a 21st century software company based in Rotterdam. 


The Sightes xD VR approach offers an experience that could not exist without bridging different realities.

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