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Sightes was founded in 2007 by Rene van Leeuwen M(aster of) C(orporate) E(ducation).   

In 2011 he was joined by Ed Fennema, a former game architect in Western Europe and an expert in transreal game design.

In 2012 Sightes joined forces with major consultants like Harry van Boven LLM-MBA-MCDM, Marcel Verkijk LLM and Erwin Borgmeier MBA, together with several other thought leaders in the field of VR and AR. 

In 2013 Sightes was proud to add Steven de Groot, PhD to the team: educational psychologist, researcher, author, design thinker, management science engineer  and business consultant, specializing in the improvement of knowledge performance and organizational aesthetics. Furthermore Sightes started to work with acknowledged 21st century software programmers Geoffrey van den Ouden BASc and Michel van Gooswilligen BASc.

In 2014 Sightes welcomed Lena Westerveld MSc, award winning researcher in HRM assessment methods, psychologist, consultant, specializing in the use of challenges for recruitment purposes. Furthermore Sightes acquired the services of Mark Hetsen as a business manager. Between 2006 and 2010 Mark was a student at the Institute of Leadership and Applied Integral Psychology.    

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