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You probably heard about virtual reality and augmented reality. You might even have seen and felt some neat rollercoaster movies through VR glasses or played augmented reality games like Pokemon Go on your smartphone.

Than you have noticed that such technology aims to let you experience a reality in a whole new way, turning it into someting we can alter and modify in ways that were formerly considered to be impossible.

If we could only use that for real life questions and challenges....Well, the options are here. On this website. 


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Sightes develops xD VR technology aimed to let influencers, decision makers and knowledge seekers immerse in a virtual version of an actual reality. Based on authentic data, adaptive simulation and artificial intelligence, it enables users to test, and experience different scenarios in virtual life, to avoid 'choosing the wrong ones in real life'. Find out more about practical applications here.

Sightes is part of, a consultancy company that supports organizations in transreal thinking: i.e. in ways they can grow to become part of the reality-mix of their influencers in the 21st century. Sightes is, therefore, committed to making xD VR a mainstream activity in many fields of practice. For that reason, its software comes with a VR room facility in which xD VR can be deployed at low cost and high return.   

Sightes is open to collaboration and joint ventures with companies and consortia, so if you would like to team up with us or to include Sightes technology in your latest proposal, do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line.  


Sightes technology enables us to test, execute and experience different scenarios in virtual life, to avoid 'choosing the wrong ones in real life'.

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